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What are the technical requirements?

MMM requires JAVA 1.6 32 or 64 bits and Internet Explorer 9

Is it working on MAC OS X?

Yes it is ! Since version 3.17.

Does MMM require CAPTCHA bypass?

No, CAPTCHA bypass can only leads to account deletion.

MMM says it cannot connect, and my account information is correct

Please make sure that your account is set to ENGLISH wherever it's possible (Myspace, Facebook...)

Apart from Myspace, which WEB 2.0 networks are supported?

MMM is currently supporting Myspace, Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook. Other will come if asked for!

Sometime, MMM is stopping when retrieving my friends.

It can happens if Myspace doesn't respond fast enough. You just have to run the "Retrieve Friends From Current Browser Page" option and it will continue from where it stopped. You can also use the "Reload" button of the browser.

Can I retrieve data from the old Excel based version ?

Yes. You can export data from Excel in .csv format and import them into MMM. Be careful to remove all semicolon (;) from your data (by replacing all ";" by " " with Excel Find/Replace tool)

How does the conditional message feature works?

Imagine you have to send a comment (or an add message) and you want it to be in the language of your friend. Previously you had to filter friends from “france” and send them a message in French. Then you have to filter other friends and send them a message in English, and so on, and so on. Now, you send different messages DEPENDING on the filter result! Here is an example:

MMMIFfrance MMMTHENmessage in French MMMIFspain MMMTHENmessage in Spanish MMMELSEmessage in English

So now you see there is 3 keywords that can be used: MMMIF, MMMTHEN and MMMELSE. Between the MMMIF and MMMTHEN you put the filter and if the filter works for a friend, then the message (or comment) between MMMTHEN and MMM* is used. You can have several MMMIF. If no filter is matching, then the message after MMMELSE is used.

Using Band Manager:

With Band Manager, MMM can automatically send requests to the friends of the artists you like. Moreover, band manager can automatically run at startup. To configure Band Manager, go to the Band Manager fiels of the option screen.

Supported commands are :

MMMFRIENDS url : retrieve friends from the given url and send them add requests
MMMFILTER filter : filter your friends using the given filter
MMMCOMMENT network : send your default comment to some of your friend of the given network


MMMFRIENDS http://www.myspace.com/radiohead/friends/new
MMMFRIENDS http://www.myspace.com/portisheadalbum3/friends/new
MMMFRIENDS http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=radiohead&view=subscribers

Then use the Band Manager menu to start. MMM will then automatically execute your commands. You can use the auto start Band Manager to tell MMM to run Band Manager at startup

Any question or problem?

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