Versions history

Version 3.21 (02-Dec-11):

- tuning in Myspace anti spam detection + fix bug in Facebook connection + fix bug in Facebook retrieving friend info + fix freeze when Captcha detected + speed up friends browsing

Version 3.20 (21-Nov-11):

- fix YouTube connection problem + fix Facebook add friend problem + tuning in Myspace anti spam detection + introducing timestamp + fix Myspace consumming CPU and RAM ressources

Version 3.19 (06-Nov-11):

- fix memory related crashes problems + autosave while retrieving friends + fix bug in Captcha detection for Myspace

Version 3.18 (14-Oct-11):

- fix Myspace connection problems and invalid browser detection + fix YouTube connection problems + fix Facebook Add Friends problem + speed up Myspace comments + fix Facebook friend retrieving + fix bug in Captcha completion detection

Version 3.17 (19-Sep-11):

- Speeding Facebook friends retrieving + Correction in Facebook connection procedure + fix some crashes at connection + fix some Myspace connection problem + autosave while adding and commenting friends + fix when MMM only process the first selected friend

Version 3.16 (01-Sep-11):

- Correction in Facebook connection procedure + Correction in Facebook add friend procedure + Upgrading to IE 9 compatible version + introducing random delay between add requests to avoid being caught as spammer

Version 3.15 (19-Jul-11):

- New Add To Friends button + MMM running even if network not set to English + Improvement in Facebook friend retrieving + Auto save file in Band Manager + Auto load file when clicking on .mmm file + Quick buttons and browser buttons revamping + Improvement in cancel operations button

Version 3.14 (11-Jul-11):

- Twitter support ! + Improvement in Friend retrieving for Band Manager + Merging of City and Country field in Address field + Edit menu reorganization

Version 3.13 (27-Jun-11):

- correction in Friend info retrieving on Myspace + correction in Myspace comments + correction in Facebook add friend + correction in filter management + Improvement in Myspace connection procedure + Improvement in friend retrieving engine

Version 3.12 (09-Jun-11):

- correction in Facebook friend retrieval + correction in connection procedure with new Myspace homepage + correction in Captcha management for Myspace + new feature to manually set friends' status

Version 3.11 (26-May-11):

- Captcha support for YouTube + Correction in retrieve my friends procedure for YouTube + Correction in background friend info retrieving + Support for new Myspace home page + Correction in Facebook connection management

Version 3.10 (27-Apr-11):

- Correction for Myspace comments + Improvement for friends retrieving for Facebook

Version 3.09 (05-Apr-11):

- Automatic disconnection at file open + Improvements in retrieve friend infos for Facebook + YouTube support + Correction for Myspace connection procedure + Adding FILTER and COMMENT keyword to Band Manager + Band Manager automatically update friends

Version 3.08 (23-Mar-11):

- Introducing Band Manager !

Version 3.07 (07-Feb-11):

- French language support + Bug fix for Facebook retrieve my friends + Adaptation to New Facebook profiles + Bug fix for MMM stopping retieving Myspace friends on some pages + Multi threading added for friends retrieving + Bug fix for semicolon management in options saving + Adaptation to new Myspace add friend procedure + Adaptation to new Myspace open profile procedure + Correction to Myspace free browsing

Version 3.06 (13-Dec-10):

- Stop button improvement + Adaptation to new Myspace retrieve my friends procedure + Various corrections on Myspace comments and add requests + Support for default Proxy + New conditional message support + Support for Myspace Browse friends

Version 3.05 (29-Nov-10):

- Status improvement to follow tasks progression + Myspace connection improvment + Adaptation to new Myspace comments and add procedure

Version 3.04 (16-Nov-10):

- New Myspace support + Facebook support + Various corrections on comments and add requests + Correction for option save losing the connection + Slight menus reorganization + Bigger option screen

Version 3.03 (14-Sep-10):

- Auto add friend feature + exlude band feature + status code improvements + filter improvements + new help menu + check new version feature + change in the MMM home page

Version 3.02 (06-Sep-10):

- Few bugs corrections + Ignore user Captcha feature + new browser address bar.

Version 3.01 (30-Aug-10):

- New JAVA based version!

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