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MMM is the first multi social networks friend adder!

Have you ever dreamed of having a powerful tool to promote your music (or whatever you have to sell) on Myspace or any other social network?

Have you ever dreamed to stop wasting your precious time on Myspace (or Facebook, or YouTube, or Twitter...) and focus on your music (or your business) ?

Myspace Marketing Manager is more than just another "Friend Adder" tool.

By combining the power of social networks and MMM you can now do real marketing on the Internet.

With MMM you can:

- Retrieve your friends information: name, city, country, genre (male, female or band), Age or music style, number of friends.

- filter your friends by any of the above criteria and run targeted campain (by city, country, age...)

- Post comments to your friend

- Target your friend (those who have the most friends, those who live in New York...)

- Find new friends. With MMM it's easy to retrieve other artist's or people's friends, sort them (by city or country or avoiding other bands) and send them friend requests.

- Freely browse Myspace to seek and find the friends you want!

- Keep a reliable database of your contacts on your workstation (csv file)

- NEW : with the Band Manager, let MMM automatically manage your promotion ! Open MMM in the morning and... that's it !

You can do this for all your networks (Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook...).

Manage all your friends... in one place.

Demo version is free!

It is the same as the Full licence except it is limited to 20 requests at a time.

Download it here!

How the hell is it working ?

Just watch those video tutorials

Part 1 : getting started, retrieving friends and filtering tool:

Part 2 : commenting friends:

Part 3 : finding and adding new friends:

Part 4 : using MMM with Facebook:

Part 5 : introducing Band Manager:

Note: You can then use the MMM menu for all your daily tasks (adding and commenting friends, keeping your friends infos up-to-date, digging new friends...)

Any question or problem?

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