Buy MMM license and save time!

1- Buy full licence

Full licence is only 24.99 Euros. It includes a one year support and software updates for 1 account.

Enter the Email address you want to register (the one you're using to connect to Myspace or another network) and click on the PayPal button:

Please note that if you have different Email accounts for different networks, you will need to purchase additionnal accounts

2- Buy additional accounts (if needed)

Additional accounts are 4.99 euros each (only if you have already purchased 1 MMM full license).

Enter the Email address you want to register and click on the PayPal button:

If you plan to buy more than 3 accounts, discount can be made!

3- Buy the '1000 friends for 10 euros' service

With this service, we do the job for you ! Nothing to do ! Sit back and relax until you have 1000 NEW friends. And we use MMM features to avoid bands so you got *real* friends.

How does it work ?

1- You buy the '1000 friends for 10 euros' service

2- You send us (temporarily) your Myspace account and password

3- You tell us which kind of friends you like (usually by giving us what's your band sounds like)

4- We do the job ! Usually after 2 or 3 weeks you'll have 1000 more *good* friends on your Myspace account. Then we send back a list of your friends (Excel or MMM format)

This service is available for MMM user AND for people without MMM licence!

Purchase the '1000 friends for 10 euros' service:

4- Download the demo version (if you haven't already do so)

Demo version will be activated soon after your registration.

Demo version can be download here

Any question or problem?

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